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LP-A vote could determine the future of school district

As a lifelong resident of the Lake Park-Audubon community, I am very concerned about the vote on May 25. I truly believe this vote is huge in terms of the future of our school district and our communities.

I am not only a lifelong resident, but also a staff member and parent of the LP-A district. I am so proud to be a Raider. We have awesome students and a great staff here. My heart breaks when I think about the possibility of the vote not passing. I know that if the vote does not pass, the future of our district and ultimately our communities is in major jeopardy.

We have been given a gift of $10.5 million. We have one chance to approve using this money. If we do not approve it, the money will go to another school district. Please also keep in mind that if we were to repair both schools, the state-required updates that we would need to make to bring the schools up to code would cost nearly as much as the proposed new construction.

From the bottom of my heart, I urge you to please get out and support the vote on May 25. This is truly in the best interest of our students, our district, and our communities. -- Jamie Nelson, Audubon