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Many Burlington Township roads in need of repair

As a citizen, former chairman of the Burlington board and moderator at the last annual meeting, I would like to express my opinion of the road issue being raised.  

The majority of the taxpayers attending the 2008 annual meeting approved the Eagle Lake road project. This is an example of why you, as taxpayers, need to attend these meetings, voice your opinion and vote on the issues. The increased tax levy for the Eagle Lake road project is only a one-time increase. The tax levy that will be voted on at the annual meeting on March 10 should be decreased by that same amount for next year.

Roads are a major expense issue for all townships. It's been my experience that a number of the thru roads and especially housing development roads in Burlington Township were not properly constructed, then accepted into the township road system with poorly worded agreements. The task of bringing these roads up to standard is now the responsibility of the taxpayer. This has cost all the taxpayers in Burlington Township. 

In the last several years with the help of an attorney and engineering firm, the road specifications and language have been updated to improve old roads and new roads. The updated road specifications and language also helps reduce the cost of road maintenance and repairs for the township. We don't need super highways, but major projects do need experienced people with new technologies, materials and procedures usually provided by engineering firms. Doing the project properly the first time will prove to be cost effective in the future.

When projects are in the planning stages, information is constantly changing, which can produce rumors and misinterpretation of the issues. This complicates matters because the information is taken as facts when in reality it is just fact-finding.

You can request a copy of the minutes of any board meeting by contacting the clerk. The minutes are the only official intention of the board. Attend the annual meeting March 10. It is grass roots government, and is the one time you can voice your opinion and vote on how your tax dollars are used. This opportunity doesn't happen at the federal, state or county level where you vote for somebody to hopefully represent your views and values.