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Marquart was wrong to vote against ID requirement

The situation confronting Minnesotans eventually having a senator take his rightful seat is becoming more bizarre by the moment. One week ago, the committee that meets to discuss state-local government operation reform, technology and elections, voted to stop a very sensible and logical voting requirement from taking place.

This requirement was a simple photo ID, aka driver's license, or such like. Our Minnesota representative from District 9B, a member of the pre-mentioned committee, stated that this shouldn't be allowed because our senior citizens are not "used" to presenting a photo ID when voting!

Really? But, when the same senior citizen goes on board an airline and has to present their photo ID, does that cause them to be upset? Or, how about when someone asks this same senior to show a photo ID while buying a bottle of wine at a liquor store -- and you know it's not your age they are concerned with? 

Mr. Paul Marquart must have grasped at making a comment, because obviously, he needed to give some sort of answer to the question "why did you vote against such a mundane, logical, solution to our voting problem?" His answer should have been, "Because Minnesota has never had this scope of a re-count and the importance of it's outcome before," at least in his, Mr. Marquart's, brief history.  

And, if he had any honesty at all, he would have also responded, "It is critical of the Democratic Party to maintain a majority in both the Senate and the House, and we can't do that if we lose our case." But his political persona notwithstanding, he gave a phony answer, and as one of the senior citizens he is needlessly trying to protect, let me just say, please! This isn't about a photo ID. It is about doing anything and everything bordering on the "unethical," to bring about a disastrous solution to the really "ethical voting process" we had before someone else's money backed a court case, funding Al Franken-type shenanigans. What ever happened to integrity, honesty, and the search for truth? Bottom line, Minnesotans deserve better representation.