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Marriage is between a man and a woman

What I can't figure out is why more and more celebrities are "coming out" to let the public know their sexual orientation. Why can't they just be known by their personalities and what they are like as a person? Do I as a private citizen need to know if anyone is heterosexual or gay or whatever?

Another point I can't understand is why people who are of the same sex need to call their union a marriage. Only a male and female can produce children and because of this fact, I feel this should be a marriage, but others could be in a civil union with the same benefits (rights) given to them as they would have in a marriage. I feel this is where discrimination takes place. Not in the description of marriage vs. a civil union. Even elderly people male and female are discriminated against in this way when they will lose a pension or lower the amount they would receive if they got married. So they live together, even though they could be married, because this is the only way they receive maximum benefits.

I feel children should know that a marriage is between a man and a woman and everyone else who want to have a legal relationship would be in a civil union.

Marriage between a man and a woman has been traditional since the beginning of time and I don't see why this should change just because of the rights given in a marriage. God never said anything about material rights but God did say male and female should be united to have children and this does not mean that a marriage always produces children, but it does mean that only a male and female can produce children. -- Carol Strache, Frazee