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Marv Bossart: A role model for all of us

As I pause to remember Marv Bossart and WDAY-TV the words “commitment” and “loyalty” comes to mind. Marv was committed and loyal to his employer for 42 years. I like to think WDAY-TV was committed and loyal to Marv in return, otherwise this great partnership wouldn’t have lasted four decades.

Marv touched the lives of hundreds of mass communication students through his 32 years of teaching at MSUM in Moorhead. He was recognized as a mentor to new employees at WDAY and probably to employees of The Forum as well. Marv enjoyed passing his knowledge and skills on to others.

Marv’s commitment and loyalty didn’t waver during the changing times in how news was acquired and delivered. No doubt there were changes Marv questioned, but he did without sharing his opinion of those changes with his loyal listeners. However, Marv did let his listeners know he wasn’t a fan of Monday night football.

In an age when it seems like many people are changing jobs, houses and spouses like they change cars; it is indeed refreshing to remember a person like Marv who remained committed and loyal to his family and employer throughout his career. Marv gave up five nights a week with his family to bring us, the viewers of WDAY—TV, the evening news at 6 and 10.

I treasure the memories I have as a young boy watching Marv and Dewey Berquist doing the evening news and weather. A visit to a neighbor’s home in the evening would end with a big lunch while we watched Marv and Dewey doing the 10 o’clock news cast on “black and white” tv.

Dewey grew up a mile from our farm. He liked to show strange garden produce and aerial pictures he had taken of the area where he grew up. Dewey graded the weather for the following day like his teacher did at District 57, the Rochert School. A nice day got an “A” or “B” and a stormy day got a “F”. As a team Marv and Dewey were “unforgettable.”

Marv, thanks for all the memories! You were a wonderful teacher, newscaster, mentor and family man. Your example of commitment and loyalty to your family and employer has been, and should continue to be, a good example for all of us to follows.

For forty-two years the familiar sound of Marv’s voice was welcomed into many homes. Idle conversation stopped for a while as we listened to the evening news on black and white TV. — Roger Engstrom, Detroit Lakes