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Medical centers should keep patients' costs low, not make donations

As a member of a family of seven physicians starting with my grandfather, I am very much aware of the responsibilities of a physician to provide compassionate and competent care to their patients, to apply fair and equitable fees for services rendered, and support their local community health initiatives (my dad worked tirelessly to get a county public health department in his Illinois community).

Charitable contributions were important, and made judiciously, but not promoted or publicized. To do otherwise would be self-serving and not in keeping with the Hippocratic Oath.

For a medical center/clinic to have the funds available for a marketing budget that appears to go beyond the pale and to subsequently make such large donations to university sports centers, professional sports teams, etc., is unseemly to me and made without compassion for the health care costs of so many of their patients.

Personally, I would like to pay fairly for my health care while making my own decisions as to whom and what I wish to support through my donations.

I do not need a medical center to make that decision for me -- just lower my health care cost and I will decide if I wish to donate to the Bison Sports Arena, the Timberwolves or our local DLCCC. In summary, a marketing budget should not be at the patient's expense! -- C. Ann Shroyer, Detroit Lakes