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Menze: Thanks for voter turnout in primary elections

I would like to thank the voters from Becker County and Detroit Lakes for turning out in the primary. Their votes decided the choices for Congress in the fall general election.

The candidates of the three major parties have differing views of which voters should be aware. The starkest view is that on carbon taxes. Many voters are aware that Democrat Collin Petersons voted for cap and trade legislation and that the carbon tax portion of the bill that would have closed processing plants and cost jobs in Minnesota.

Fewer are aware that as a Norwegian citizen, Republican Lee Byberg has rallied several years for a carbon tax, called a revenue neutral carbon tax. This tax in Norway places a 63 percent tax on gasoline, so when gas reached over $9 a gallon in Norway in 2007, $5.67 was tax. During the time Norway has had this carbon tax, CO2 emissions have gone up 43 percent per person. Revenue neutral carbon tax has been shown to be ineffective and cost jobs in Norway.

I have been consistent on carbon taxes, I do not support them. Our economy cannot afford any more anti competitive legislation coming from Washington. I have always supported an all of the above energy policy that allows the free market to choose our future energy needs. Conservation and environmental regulation are a better approach in moving toward competitive alternative energy. Technology will make non fossil fuels competitive in the near future, and fossil fuels more environmentally friendly.

Local newspapers often provide voter guides, which give voters valued information on candidates, which in turn help voters make informed decisions.

I hope voters will watch for and read their newspapers voter's guide on other issues they want to know more on, then turn out this fall and vote for the person who will best represent them.

-- Glen Menze, Independence Party Candidate, Minnesota Seventh Congressional District