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Minnesota Clean Car standards will save money

The Minnesota legislature is considering a bill that will allow Minnesota to join with 14 other states in requiring auto manufacturers to make and sell vehicles that pollute less and as a result are more fuel efficient. The bill is before the House Environmental Committee as I write.

There is no doubt that times are hard right now. People everywhere are looking for ways to tighten their budgets. None have forgotten that last summer's gas prices were more than $4 per gallon. Gas costs less again, but will it for long?

A new report states that if Minnesota adopts the Minnesota Clean Car standards, that Minnesotans will save enormously at the pumps. Drives in 49 of Minnesota's 87 counties would save more than $1 million per year at the gas pump under the clean vehicle standards, and savings in Becker County alone are estimated at over $2 million dollars between now and 2020 (based on $1.74/gallon gas price).

This is a bill that should be important to all Minnesotans because its passage is a win-win-win. We will pollute less, save money at the gas pump and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Urge your legislators to support the Minnesota Clean Car standards.