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Minnesota Flyers begin competitive season

The Minnesota Flyers have embarked on their 2013-14 competitive season. They include: (front row, left to right) Skylar Nelson, Jordan Ehnert, Isabella Smith, Gabrielle Whitworth; (back row, left to right) Sabrina Ruiz, Falyn DeBoer, Breanna Wilkens, Kaitlyn Peterson. SUBMITTED PHOTO

By, Jennifer Smith

The Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics (MFG) 2013-14 USAG competitive season has begun and it started with three MN State Qualifier meets for the Level 4-5 competitive gymnasts. 

MFG did not attend the first qualifier to give the girls more time to perfect their skills and routines. 

To qualify for the MN State Meet a gymnast needs to earn an all-around (total) score of 32.00. 

At the second MN State Qualifier held in Mounds View, Oct. 2, Level 4 gymnasts Jordan Ehnert, Isabella Smith and Gabrielle Whitworth each earned an all-around qualifying score for the MN State meet. 

Teammate Breanna Wilkens scored a personal best all-around score and hit important skills on beam and bars.  Skylar Nelson showed poise on the beam and put up a solid bar routine by making her kips. Falyn DeBoer was consistent in all four events, her best being vault and floor. 

These girls will have another chance to qualify at the upcoming 3rd State Qualifier meet to be held on Nov. 15.

Kaitlyn Peterson (Level 5) stuck her back walkover on beam and her front tuck on floor. 

Sabrina Ruiz (Level 5) had an excellent first meet with a good vault and floor routine. 

Both girls will also be at the 3rd State Qualifier meet looking to hit a score that will send them on to the MN State meet.

The girls were back for the third Qualifier on Nov. 15.  For some, this meet was all about boosting scores in an attempt to qualify.  For others, it was an opportunity to polish routines one last time before the MN State meet on Dec. 14-15, held at the National Sports Center in Blaine.

Ehnert was consistent on each event and earned the team’s highest all-around score with a 32.725. 

Smith fought to stick her cartwheel on the beam, a skill she missed the last meet. 

Rounding out the Level 4 crew, Whitworth conquered the bars by making skills that she had missed the previous meet.  Peterson and Ruiz (Level 5) each made some improvements and had a great meet.

They are both first year Level 5 gymnasts and have had to learn many new skills with higher levels of difficulty. 

Level 4 Individual Scores:

Falyn DeBoer: Bars 7.250, Beam 7.30, Floor 7.875, Vault 7.750, AA 30.175

Jordan Ehnert: Bars 7.90, Beam 8.025, Floor 8.375, Vault 8.15, AA 32.45

Skylar Nelson: Bars 6.85, Beam 8.225, Floor 7.30, Vault 7.35, AA 29.725

Isabella Smith: Bars 7.15, Beam 8.275, Floor 8.425, Vault 8.15, AA 32.00

Gabrielle Whitworth: Bars 7.525, Beam 8.30, Floor 8.05, Vault 8.375, AA 32.250

Breanna Wilkens: Bars 6.05, Beam 6.85, Floor 7.20, Vault 7.55, AA 27.65

Level 5 Individual Scores:

Kaitlyn Peterson: Bars 6.40, Beam 5.50, Floor 7.925, Vault 8.15, AA 27.975

Sabrina Ruiz: Bars 6.85, Beam 6.25, Floor 7.95, Vault 8.1, AA 29.15

Level 4 Individual Scores:

Falyn DeBoer: Bars 7.10, Beam 7.625, Floor 7.00, Vault 7.950, AA 29.675

Jordan Ehnert: Bars 8.30, Beam 8.10, Floor 8.10, Vault 8.225, AA 32.725

Skylar Nelson: Bars 5.75, Beam 7.65, Floor 7.65, Vault 7.50, AA 28.55

Isabella Smith: Bars 7.475, Beam 8.275, Floor 8.10, Vault 8.25, AA 32.10

Gabrielle Whitworth: Bars 7.35, Beam 6.55, Floor 7.60, Vault 8.20, AA 29.70

Breanna Wilkens: Bars 5.60, Beam 6.15, Floor 5.10, Vault 7.75, AA 24.60

Level 5 Individual Scores:

Kaitlyn Peterson: Bars 5.10, Beam 6.05, Floor 8.00, Vault 8.525, AA 27.675

Sabrina Ruiz: Bars 7.065, Beam 6.95, Floor 7.70, Vault 8.25, AA 30.55