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Minnesota troopers issue 127 seat-belt tickets in DL district during first month of new law

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crime Detroit Lakes, 56501

Detroit Lakes Minnesota 511 Washington Avenue 56501

DETROIT LAKES - The Minnesota State Patrol issued 127 seat-belt tickets in its Detroit Lakes district during the first month that the state's primary seat-belt was in effect.


The law, which makes not wearing a seat belt a primary offense and one that officers can pull motorists over for, took effect June 9.

From June 9 to July 9, troopers in the Detroit Lakes district issued 127 seat-belt tickets and 127 warnings, Trooper Andy Schmidt said.

As for who gets a warning and who gets a ticket, Schmidt said that's up to the officer.

"If the officer feels that this is something that deserves a citation, the trooper will issue it," he said. "If the officer is convinced that this was not a situation where a ticket is warranted, let the trooper exercise some common sense and good discretion there."

Those ticketed for not buckling up should expect to pay $110 to $115 in fines, he said.

Schmidt said he believes the number of seat-belt tickets written in the Detroit Lakes district is representative of what's being done elsewhere in the state.