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Minnesotans deserve better than GOP budget fixes

The facts speak for themselves.

Did you know that the GOP proposes a major cut to the University Of Minnesota? Are you aware that Republicans advocate reducing education funding for Special Needs Students? Can you believe that Republicans are proposing no funding for Early Childhood Education? Did you know that property taxes are projected to increase more than a billion dollars over the next four years if the Republican budget becomes a reality? Do you want city governments to reduce local services for public safety by about 400 million dollars, state wide?

The GOP, working with former Governor Pawlenty, raided our Public Education Fund to the tune of $1.9 billion, with a promise of repayment at an unspecified future date. Is this how Minnesota treats its children?

Minnesotans deserve better. Minnesota is capable of providing the services that the Republican Party is so eager to cut. The citizenry of this state should not have to endure these drastic cuts, when top one percent wage earning millionaire Minnesotans are capable of providing additional revenue to the State that supports them in luxury.

Mark Dayton and Tom Horner ran on platforms of increasing revenue. Together, they received 55.6 percent of the votes cast in the election of 2010. Even then, a majority of the voters in Minnesota agreed with the idea of raising revenue. Recent Minnesota polls show 79 percent believe in raising revenue by cutting tax breaks on those earning income over one million dollars.

The idea of cutting programs like education, health services, and essential services for cities and counties, to protect millionaires from a small tax increase, is ludicrous. Governor Dayton submitted seven compromise versions of a Budget Bill in the first thirteen days of the Government shutdown. It is reasonable to approach our state budget with a fair combination of spending cuts and increased revenue. Compromise, and end the gridlock. Minnesotans deserve nothing less. -- LaRon Kay Adkins, Battle Lake