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Mortenson is a good leader for Becker County

Would whoever hired Tom Mortenson please step forward? I would like to shake his/her/their hands.

One of the very first days of Mr. Mortenson's employ by Becker County, the Izaak Walton League (Ikes) showed a film on "Troubled Waters." Afterwards, Tom introduced himself to me and gave me his business card. I was surprised that he had chosen to attend.

A few days later, I stopped by his office to ask if he could come to an Ikes meeting. He promptly put it on his calendar, and was there within two weeks. Pleasant surprise again for me and for Ikes in attendance.

At the time of my visit, I found out some interesting things: He lives right in Detroit Lakes; he is a voracious reader and knew more about Becker County history already than I did (drat!) -- and we had the U.S. Army in common.

He proved then too he was a good listener and open minded. What crucial qualities to have in one of our leaders!

Tom came to us with stellar credentials from the Army, among them a career as a strategist as well as a finely honed ability to see the forest, not just the trees. This is where many of us, steeped in the routine of life, get caught up in details and do not see ourselves in a larger framework.

A background of having lived in many different countries enriches our talents, and Tom's is no exception. Now we have a fresh pair of eyes in a leadership role, with new ideas to contribute to bringing Becker County to the cutting edge of the 21st century. How nice.

I am not alone in my thinking. Many others are seeing these nice strengths as well.

Such leadership can foster a spirit of cooperation, compromise and common sense. -- Sally Hausken, Detroit Lakes