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Murdock responds to 'claims' made at candidate forum

I want to respond to an article in Detroit Lakes newspapers written by the editor Nathan Bowe and published on Oct. 28.

The legislative candidate forum was originally scheduled for Oct. 18 and had to be moved to Oct. 21 as the governor called a special session to deal with the flood and tornado damage in Minnesota.

When the forum was moved to Oct. 21, I already had a meeting scheduled that evening, and I informed the organizer, Terri Kalil, of the conflict.

Terri was gracious enough to read an opening and closing statement informing the audience why I could not attend, and she also read my views on some key issues. Obviously that was not good enough for Mr. Bowe.

I also want to address two points my opponent made at the forum:

First, he claims I "blew the mission in special session." Not true. We were able to get $1.45 million for the city of Wadena and Wadena-Deer Creek Schools to start the recovery.

Second, he also claims I said "zero" when asked how much Wadena needed, and again he was wrong.

I have made the pledge to continue the fight for funding both in meetings in Wadena and on the House floor when I spoke to the recovery bill which I am proud to be a co-author.

My opponent needs to get his facts straight.

-- Mark Murdock, Ottertail

(Murdock is the House 10B representative in the Minnesota Legislature)