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New Frazee school board needs time to undo mess

I'm curious how Heath thinks it was a "jubilant time" when the referendum passed in 2007? Those that were jubilant had to use lies and misconceptions to make it pass. The Frazee-Vergas School District wasn't even close to going into SOD, nor was the school going to close if the referendum didn't pass. Yet that's what was pushed through the residents' minds.

I'm also curious about why we keep hearing, "It's for the kids," yet when it comes to spending about $1,494 a year to have the library open in the mornings and longer in the afternoon, some of the board members and Supt. Stender are dragging their feet. They are okay with spending about $8,000 on hiring someone to help them with strategic planning and goal setting though.

Heath also mentioned that people are "fighting and bickering over who gets the money, and the power over how it is spent." Let's see, in 2006 when we had "A Business Manager," we were told we need $399 per pupil to keep the school running smoothly. In 2007 when Supt. Stender and his business managers took over, we needed $1,000 per pupil. Through lies and misconceptions, as stated before, the 2007 operating referendum passed.

Even with $600 per pupil more than needed in 2006, we kept hearing we need to watch our spending or we will go into deficit spending. If Supt. Stender and his help are so good at running our finances, why don't we have enough money to run the school smoothly for an extra 5 years after the referendum runs out in 2013?

If you figure, $399 per pupil in 2006, round it up to $500 per pupil for the first five years of the 2007 referendum money and save the other $500 per pupil for the next five years, we should have enough referendum money to last until 2018. But wait, the money has been spent on a picnic table; painting walls twice because someone didn't like the color, high raises for the business managers, etc.

The school board voted to "not" have our meetings shown over Ch. 14, but would rather have our students, coaches, teachers, etc., interviewed on Ch. 14. It has come to my attention, and noticing the camera still rolling at the last meeting, people have gone over the board members' wishes and are airing our meetings anyway.

Also, since I sat next to a policeman at the last board meeting, someone is also going over the board member's heads to have policemen at the meetings. It was very annoying to listen to the policeman text messaging back and forth to someone, and his pager/scanner going off quite regularly during the board meeting.

We need to give the new school board members time to undo the mess this district has gotten itself into. They cannot fix it over night, especially when they take two steps forward, then are forced to take one step backward at each meeting. Hang in there new board members! -- Mary K. Lepisto, Frazee