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New Vergas fest just gits 'er done

This tastefully decorated golf cart brought home the bacon, or venison, by winning the Redneck Parade at last year's Holidazzle festivities in Vergas. SUBMITTED PHOTO

What could be more redneck than deer hide covered floats, camouflage outfits and running for beer, dressed in blaze orange? Find out Nov. 23 during the Redneck Holidazzle event in Vergas. After a successful first year last year, the Community Club decided to add a few more activities this year. First off is the Rednecks Chase Beer Fun Run, beginning at 2:45 p.m. “It’s pretty non-competitive,” organizer Sherri Hanson said. After registering at the Vergas Event Center, participants will time themselves during the “race.” IDs are needed for a wrist band to be able to drink at the bars along the way, but the run is for every age because there will be water and apple cider available as well. Participants are encouraged to wear costumes for the run, and a prize will be given out for the best one. The race will end at the assisted living site. “We thought it would be fun for the residents to see the costumes,” Hanson said. Come line Main Street after the run, because the Redneck Holidazzle Parade is at 4:30. Entries can be decorated as you wish, but “as much lights on it as possible” is always a good float. Though last year’s winning entry was a golf cart draped with deer hides. At 5 p.m. is the Chili Cook Off in the event center, meat raffles and the Sybil Rod & Gun Club will be serving brats, chips and pop if you need a little more nosh in you before the big event. That big event is a new one this year as well. “After last year, people were fired up and had lots of ideas,” Hanson said of adding new events. After some whittling down, the Mr. Redneck Vergas Pageant was decided on. Though the seven participants are all Vergas firemen, this isn’t a fire department sponsored event; money raised goes to the Vergas Community Club. Yes, this pageant will be one no redneck will want to miss. Or even those just looking for a good laugh. There will be an opening number to a redneck country song, followed by a unique talent portion of the evening. In fact, the talents are so unique they are being kept secret until the show. While watching the guys rehearse though, Hanson said her “stomach hurt from laughing.” The redneck boys will also be judged on their best camo outfit — one participant is even sewing his — and an on-stage interview question. Hanson said that they are trying to keep the festivities family-friendly, but people should also “come with an open mind” by the time the redneck participants take the stage. Though they will be judged, it won’t be from a panel of judges. The audience will determine the first ever Mr. Redneck Vergas — a title he will surely wear with pride over the next year — by donating money for each contestant. Whichever contestant’s jar has the most money in it by the end of the competition will win. “We’re thankful the firemen are helping us out. I commend those guys for stepping up,” she said. And in keeping with the redneck theme, Hanson said she’s actually seen a couple different times printed for the festivities to start, so it’s kind of redneck-like to go with the flow — whenever it may be. “Don’t get too uptight about times or what happens,” she said with a laugh. Everything is free-will and funds will go to the Community Club for more community events. The Vergas Community Club sponsors three community celebrations throughout the year, including Looney Days during the summer, Twelfth Night of Christmas during the winter and Maple Syrup Days during the spring, so they were looking for a fall event to bring people to town. “I think we hit on something,” Hanson said. “It’s a unique event.” More entries are welcome for the Holidazzle Parade and the Chili Cook Off at                Follow Pippi Mayfield on Twitter at @PippiMayfield.