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A new way to finance long-term senior care is needed

Our state has entered the age wave, an unprecedented shift from young to old in Minnesota. As we look at these demographic realities, and people's desire for independence and dignity, we need to transform how we pay for home and community-based services so that people can live fully in the communities that they love. 

Once again, our legislators are confronted with possibly cutting senior services. The current system of financing long-term care isn't sustainable. Looking forward we need to stop this continual battle of cuts vs. spending and create new ways to finance long-term care and supportive services. Personal responsibility will need to be a larger part of this. And it will help preserve a safety net for those who cannot escape poverty.

By looking at this in new ways, we can ensure Minnesota is a great place to grow up and grow old. -- Katie Lundmark, Administrator, Sunnyside Care Center, Lake Park