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Norby's goes above and beyond for customer service

I would like the city of Detroit Lakes to know the wonderful experience I had with Norby's department store this past week.

My father, Jerry Miller, has been very sick and has a very hard time getting around. Last Saturday he went into Norby's Department Store and purchased two pairs of pants. The clerk more than happily sold them to him and agreed to alter them and have the pants ready for pick up on Wednesday. On Thursday, my father went to pick up the pants. Unfortunately, my father was told the pants were not ready for pick up and the clerk could not find the pants that were purchased. My father waited 25 minutes and was sent home with out the pants.

My father called me in Minneapolis that day and informed me of what happened. We were under the impression the pants were going to be ready Wednesday. 

This is where the miracle comes in. I called the department store and spoke to John Norby. John found the pants within 10 minutes of our conversation. The pants were actually done on time, it was only a simple error on the store's part. John went the extra mile and hand delivered the pants to my fathers home himself that day. When John arrived at my father's home, he visited with him for over a half an hour and made my father feel so very important and special. 

Norby's provided top notch customer service that day. It was so nice to have Norby's Department Store go the extra mile and to have my family receive such great customer service. That is why everyone should shop at Norby's.  

Thank you Norby's. -- Kelly Smith, Champlin