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Obama -- the pentacle of humanity

From the trials of history and the embryo of social allegiance, we've finally matured to a defining cohesive social partnership in this country. These times clearly exercise the spiritual muscles that sustain us and the mutual inner desire to identify what is good. Together, we have set aside the segregating serums, which have plagued our growth and have tainted the fibers of love so evident in our blueprints of life.

What a magical and inspiring time to see millions across this country share in the same passion for change and revival for the unsung anthem of life -- the family. 

In the midst of hierarchy, Mr. Obama's humbleness has captured the essence of a real tangible social bond that so many before him have chased.  Mr. Obama is our modern day human template, built from the architectural designed of a universal love. Dawned from care and compassion, Mr. Obama is not inhibited by the shackles and clouds of politics, but freed through the brilliance of an amazing light of love we call democracy.

On this day, I am proud to be an American, a father and a husband. I am privileged to be a part of the greatest change and movement this country will ever endure. On this day, the United States of America has claimed victory. Not over the stronghold of the oppressors and the disarming of our enemies, but a victory over the captive mental ropes that have choked our society from breathing new air and new opportunity.  Our country now breathes the fundamental chemical and spiritual element needed. Barack -- the pentacle of humanity. -- Dennis Walter Smith Sr., Wyomissing, Pa