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Obama sneaking FOCA into health care reform

A few months before the election of last November, then-candidate Obama made a promise to Planned Parenthood (or is it Planned non-Parenthood?) that his first priority as President would be to enact the Freedom of Choice Act. This legislation would summarily deactivate any and all restrictions everywhere for the abortion rights agenda. It happened that considerable citizen resistance rose up soon after his Presidency began and Pres. Obama got the message that FOCA wasn't going to work out so smoothly as expected.  

Now we have the considerable controversy of Health Care Reform, and we may begin to understand why the President rather compliantly backed away from promoting FOCA several months earlier. FOCA was too "upfront" in its strategy to enshrine wholly unrestricted abortion rights as forever-sacrosanct law in our land. The strategy then shifted to the deception necessary for hoping to sneak something "under the radar" (as a modern expression goes). We are told that the Obama Health Care Reform proposal numbers over a thousand pages. This number is certainly adequate to hide something in fancy semantics. We are learning that the essential provisions of FOCA are deceptively embedded in the Health Care Reform proposal.  The plan for the abortion rights agenda was to ram the whole Health Care Reform proposal thru Congressional voting before this deception could be discovered. In terms of simple passing hours on the clock, who would have the time to carefully study all one thousand pages and truly learn what is the whole truth of the proposal before Congress would be hustled into voting on it?

If truth and freedom and being informed truly matter in America's enduring experiment in open democratic government, the intentional deception by the abortion rights agenda does not belong as part of how we govern ourselves. We have known for many years that abortion rights trashes the lives of unborn citizens. Now as the sentiment of the electorate is increasingly turning against abortion rights, we see more and more how the apparent desperation of the abortion rights agenda is also trashing our democratic form of government. Now 36 years after Roe v. Wade, the inherent moral implications of abortion rights continues to be a treacherous controversy in our land. 

"If something is wrong, it is wrong!" (I've said this before.)