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Oct. 10-16 is National Wildlife Refuge Week

With National Wildlife Refuge Week being celebrated Oct. 10-16, it is the perfect time to give a great big thank you to the many people who take care of these wonderful places for the rest of us. 

In Becker County we are fortunate to have Hamden Slough, the DL wetlands and Tamarac to enjoy.

The many employees of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are continually working to improve our environment for the variety of living creatures that inhabit it, as well as always having the time to help the public enjoy this environment.

Too often we take for granted our neighboring, protected lands until we realize that visitors from all over the world come here to delight in their beauty.

In the last month alone Tamarac's guest book has recorded visitors from 18 states and three foreign countries. Every week children from the local schools come to the refuges to learn about and experience the wonders of nature.

Mention also must be made of the myriad of dedicated volunteers who donate hours of their time to helping on the refuges. These volunteers make it possible to provide experiences that foster respect and a life-long love of nature. They deserve abundant thanks for their time and effort.

I'd like to express my endless gratitude to all these people for their endeavors and hope that the citizens of Becker County will also have a chance to express their appreciation to the workers and volunteers during National Wildlife Refuge Week. -- Nancy Moulden, Detroit Lakes