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Other area servicemen deserve recognition, too

I am grateful for each person who is willing to serve his/her country in the military. I know that it is because of their service I am able to write this letter and voice my opinion.

So it was with great interest that I read the article about Dr. Stacey Smith's, deployment (Wednesday, June 17, Becker County Record). I am pleased to see that someone in his position would be willing to serve his country through military service. It is not only him that is serving but also his family. It is a sacrifice for the entire family when someone is deployed. We all need to support his family, during his deployment.

We also need to support the other members of the military, from our area, that are making the same sacrifice. I personally know of three other families.  These service men and women will be serving in Iraq for nine months to a year. Their families are at home making the same sacrifice as Dr. Stacey Smith's family.

I believe that those families deserve the same support and recognition that his family received in the news article. I am disappointed that just one serviceman was singled out for such an article.

I know it does not receive the same "punch" as a front page article, but I would like to say "Thank you" to the other families in the area, for your service to your community and country; I am grateful for you and your families' sacrifice.