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Other countries need to help in war on terror

When I hear that the General in Afghanistan states "we need more troops," it makes me wonder why other nations are not stepping up to the plate and helping us. To me, terrorism has no bounds and if other nations want the terrorists to win and not help us to stop them, then we should say to these other nations, "this is not on our shoulders alone."

We can back out and "save face," if they decide to not come forward with help from troops in their own nations. Why should we bear the burden of the whole world to fight a war when others want to stand down?

I feel President Bush could have got us out of the war when the U.S. found out France, Germany and Russia had their hands in Saddam's back pocket (and were getting money from the oil for food program.) We could have said to them at that time we were getting out of Iraq if they didn't help us because we knew the reason they didn't help us was because of these kick-backs.

I can't understand why our government is not putting pressure on other nations to help us when all nations know that terrorism has no boundaries. If we put pressure on other nations and they do not help us, and we leave Afghanistan, we can save face and the others who do not come to our aid can be to blame if terrorism expands.