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Our kids, and teachers, need our help

The teachers in our community are doing great work. This year I was fortunate enough to work as a Title 1 para at Rossman School. Until now, I wasn’t privy to how things at school were really done, but now I have gained a new respect for those people who teach and guide the children of our community every day.

As a community, we need to support the work and dedication it takes to educate our kids. We also need to become more involved with that important task. As parents and grandparents, our job does not end when they enter school. There is a phenomenal amount of work for us as before that day even gets here. Curriculum and child expectations have changed since we were in school. Kindergarteners are now expected to read before the end of the year due to all day, every day kindergarten.

It is very obvious to me the difference it makes when a child comes to school knowing how to count, knowing their ABC’s, knowing respect and correct behavior versus those who do not. Parents and grandparents really are to blame for these issues. We are the ones who get first crack at how the rest of a child’s school life will be.

I know some of you think the school system is failing, but I can tell you that when a child comes to kindergarten with the tools and foundations they need to succeed, they blossom into excellent students and exceptional community residents.

Please keep these tips in mind:

  1. Teach our kids their ABC’s, the sounds the letters make, and how to sound out words. Studies have shown again and again that kids who can talk, can learn to read. (three years old).
  2. Teach our kids numbers, counting to 100, even some easy addition and subtraction using pennies, marbles, or even their own toys.
  3. Teach our kids respect for others, respect for people older than they are, and respect for themselves.
  4. When our teachers tell us something about our kids we do not want to hear, do some soul-searching and give them the benefit of the doubt. They love our kids almost as much as we do and just want to see them do well.

All of us in this community have a responsibility to the children who live here with us.

Without them, our town will die. Our teachers are the best there are anywhere, so let’s support and appreciate them.

And who knows when the next great leader will rise to help run things for the future. — Gigi Newman, Detroit Lakes