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Out-of-town visitors very impressed with patriotism shown by Avenue of Flags

On a recent visit to Detroit Lakes over Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I were impressed and humbled by the outstanding display of patriotism at Oak Grove Cemetery. Called the “Avenue of Flags,” the beautiful sight of so many American flags was absolutely awesome.

This exhibit of patriotism has a rather ironic twist to it. We had never before witnessed such an impressive visual representation of American pride in a Veterans cemetery, much less a private cemetery. That is part of what made this such an awesome sight.

The city of Detroit Lakes is blessed to have so many dedicated, hard workers to organize and carry through this mission with such a wonderful display. This tradition was initiated by Dave Coalwell and Dennis Warling in 1990. They started with 40 flags and in 25 years it has grown to 670 (5X9) flags with 847 smaller flags placed at the grave of each veteran.

We wanted to express our appreciation to all those who worked so hard in this effort including my niece Cheri and her husband Jason Coalwell. My husband and I are both Marine Corps veterans who served during the Viet Nam Era. Pride in American seemed to be at an all time low during those years. The “Avenue of Flags” expresses American patriotism in a very unique way. Thank you again to all those who worked so hard to show that great American Spirit.

Our trip to Detroit Lakes was enhanced by beautiful weather, no flight delays, a beautiful family to visit, and the graduation of a great niece who made us proud of her scholastic accomplishments and work ethics. The icing on the cake was the tour through Oak Grove Cemetery. What a great trip! — Roger and Jeanene Cason, Rincon, Ga.