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Politics today is nothing more than talking points

My, my, my. We’re still not sure who closed the big bridge between New York and New Jersey, an act that caused thousands of people expense, death and other problems.

We still don’t know who didn’t order the rescue of the ambassador and others at the embassy in Bengazi over a year and a half later. Nor do we know who ordered the political and financial harassment of grassroots political groups by the IRS.

In each of these incidents, with political implication we were given talking points and narratives. They’re the latest trendy words to use if you want to reshape the truth. What actually happened can be best described using that old fashioned word again, the truth.

Think back on your childhood, how would talking points have worked with your parents? Do you think they would have caught on if you would have switched to a new narrative? Why do politicians and the major news outlets get away with that?  — Bob Thompson, Pelican Rapids