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Remember Jason MacPherson's good years

Most of you are probably aware of Jason's struggles over the past six years or so. All the ups and downs and pain.

Today, though, and in the days to come, I would like everyone to try to put aside those last hard years and remember the 30 years that preceded it and all the good times.

And there were many, and the fleeting moments over the last years when Jason, our Jason, would come shining through to us. Like the sun peeking through the clouds only to slip away from us again.

Jason was many things to many people, he was a Dad (to him I think the most important role) he was a son, a husband, a friend, a business man so many things to so many people.

To me he was my brother. Jason was the boy who I played Monopoly with till all hours of the morning (and I don't think I ever won). He was the boy I swam with for hours, shot off bottle rockets with, played catch with, had water fights with, the boy who showed me how to ride the three wheeler and pulled me behind the snowmobile. He took me with him or maybe I tagged along behind all over the place.

I am four and a half years younger, so I'm sure he wasn't always thrilled to have his little sister along, but he put up with it and he didn't complain, at least not much.

We would bike to town together and he would always have to wait for me to catch up. You all know how much Jason loved waiting, but he did. He was the guy that beat up my elementary school bullies for teasing me (after all that was his job) and threatened high school boyfriends.

He was the guy who took me and my friends boating and skiing constantly in the summer. We practically lived on the water; I didn't have to ask him, he just took me.

He was the man who took me on a bachelorette party to the Cities for a Vikings game on a moment's notice.

That's how Jason liked to do things; he was spontaneous and fun and had a lust for life that was unmatchable.

I was always waiting for him to come back to us, but it wasn't to be. He was my brother, the only one I have, and though we didn't say it much, I know he loved me and I loved him.

I will miss him, but I will remember him and those first 30 years and the fleeting moments after and I will smile and hope that all of you will do the same.