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Reported MNsure numbers are misleading

Recent media coverage of MNsure’s insurance exchange sign-ups for Obamacare quoted officials as stating, “They exceeded their goals for the initial open enrollment period.”

A close examination of relevant sign up data indicated this proclamation of success is both misleading and inaccurate.

The sign up scorecard based on four MNsure goals established Oct. 16, 2013, is as follows:

  • Individual (private pay) goal 69,904; sign ups 47,046; accomplishment 67.3 percent.
  • Minnesota Care (subsidized pay) goal 44,804; sign ups 34,219; accomplishment 77.6 percent.
  • Medical assistance (taxpayer funded Medicaid) goal 12,240; sign ups 87,986; accomplishment 718.8 percent.
  • Small business (private pay) goal 8,925; sign ups 693; accomplishment .8 percent.

These facts paint a dramatically different picture of success.

MNsure, in face, failed to accomplish three out of four important enrollment objectives. MNsure’s failure to achieve a sufficient level of “private pay” sign ups should be a huge wake up call for Governor Dayton and legislative leaders on both sides of the political aisle.

Exacerbating this problem is the additional public funding requirement to cover the Medicaid sign ups, which exceeded the initial projection by a whopping 718 percent.

This data leads to the obvious long-term viability question. Without sufficient private pay subscribers, where will all the money come from to cover approximately 170,000 total health care subscribers? Clearly, this is a very serious long term funding issue, which must be addressed by political leaders of all stripes.

It is widely recognized that Obamacare cannot achieve financial viability without enrollment by young, healthy, private pay individuals. This is not happening due to widespread opposition to insurance mandates and high cost policies. Additionally, approximately two-thirds of the initial private pay enrollments are replacements for policies cancelled due to Obamacare-mandated provisions.

Minnesota taxpayers deserve answers based on facts rather than the “perfume the pig” rhetoric being communicated by MNsure officials and Obamacare advocates. This problem will not go away without major legislative reform actions. It is time to voice your opinion to your elected representatives. Demand corrective action and/or replacement by a more common sense, affordable plan. — A.L. Kleinke, Nevis