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Republican budget cuts stab at the poor, homeless

I was saddened and angered by the Republican budget cuts aimed directly at the poor and homeless. (Sunday, Sept. 4, the Record) Humiliation of poverty and homelessness, does not require piling on. What is your problem?

Fully one third of the middle-class is now below the poverty line. What is your problem?

Our national infrastructure; bridges, roads, water and waste systems, etc.; is now somewhere between 15 and 23rd on the world scale. What is your problem?

The R.N.C. weeds the "righteous right" to win election's, with the canards and red herrings of hate and ignorance. In other words legislate morally. Ain't going to happen. What these grifter's and lawmakers have convinced many of you in the black and white world is to be very afraid, be very, very afraid of the "others."

And all of them are laughing at you behind your backs, while they go to the bank and you go vote. That is your problem.

Morality cannot be legislated hypocracy wins every time; but poverty and the destruction of the middle-class can. The middle-class is America's primary infrastructure. We are on the cusp of third world.

Wow, all of you high-minded social conservatives (Dem. and Rep.) get your act together. This business of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" cost you at least one billion dollars. You can't pray it away, you can't massage it away, you can't treat it like alcoholism, this childish nonsense and deliberate ignorance is treatable. Grow up.

Oh, and you right-to-life people did you know that the U.S. is down to 37 in infant mortality -- where is your outrage about that?

Clearly what shows is the conservative movement has become morally and intellectually bankrupt. The Sept. 4 article validates that lazy in the head and lazy in the heart.

Be careful my conservative friends (Dem. and Rep.) you could wind-up in the next one-third. Think about it. -- Leland Jenson, Detroit Lakes