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Republicans seem to want America to fail

Do Republicans (and I will add the Tea Party in also) think for a minute that people without jobs will be content forever? Are the Republicans waiting until they can win the presidency before they will say, "yes" for job creation? That is a full year away.

Not raising the tax rate on the rich top earners to help this situation is so ridiculous. Will we become a police state to keep order so peaceful angry citizens will remain quiet?

This problem is so easy to solve and not by deregulation as was done before the collapse of Wall Street and the housing market. Less regulation followed by less enforcement of these regulations led to groups doing what was best for their own interests.

Citizens are fed up with people who make the most money controlling the government and not wanting to part with any money. The wealthiest Americans are not over taxed and they still will not help our government when it needs money.

I for one am fed up! Do Republicans and the Wealthy want this nation to #1 succeed or #2 fail? (I think the answer is a no-brainer as "no" is the Republicans' favorite word. No. 2 is the answer! -- Carol Strache, Frazee