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Right would like Obamacare if it was called Romneycare

The Senators or Representatives do not need to worry about their health care because it is a part of their job description and is taxpayer funded.

Also Mitt Romney had instituted “Romney Care” in Massachusetts, which seems to be going well. Obama Care is based on the same idea as Romney care so they must be similar. Only because it is called Obama care it is rejected by some Republican and Tea Party members. If it were called Romney care probably these same people would look at it differently.

I feel the Tea Party members who want to shut the government down because they do not like Obama or Obama care are doing our country an injustice.

Why shouldn’t ordinary people be able to have affordable health care? Why should the people who can pay for their insurance be the only ones to benefit from having the ability to purchase insurance?

I feel that a person’s health is very important because if you don’t have your health, it affects a person’s whole life.

If the Affordable Health Care Act were renamed Romneycare instead of Obamacare, which one would the Tea Party members who are so against Obama care vote for?

These same people are risking our nation by defaulting on our debt because they have an agenda they are upholding. — Carol Strache, Frazee