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RIM program applicants sought

The Becker Soil and Water Conservation District (SCWD) is seeking applicants for the 2014 Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) Reserve Riparian Buffer Easement Program.

The program creates vegetated buffers on riparian crop land adjacent to streams and lakes through the purchase of conservation easements. These easements provide permanent protection of natural resources and retain local ownership of the land.

The Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) is partnering with Becker SWCD on this program.

“The RIM Buffer program just makes sense for the landowners we work with,” SWCD Administrator Peter Mead said.

“They receive financial incentives for their participation in the program and the land they enroll provides permanent protection for the state’s water and wildlife habitat.”

Eligibility focuses on cropland near streams, lakes, or drainage ditches.

This is a great opportunity for both new contracts and landowners with existing Conservation Reserve Program land who would like to permanently take their land out of agricultural production.

Landowner demand for this program may exceed available resources, and payment rates have never been higher so interested landowners should contact Farm Bill Biologist Adam Kleinschmidt at the Becker SWCD office. The SWCD will help determine if sites are a good fit for the program and work with landowners to complete the application materials for submittal to BWSR.

More information about the RIM program can be found on BWSR’s website: