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Shooting Star rewards are now taxed income

Were you surprised to receive a 1099 form from Shooting Star as a Valued VIP Elite Member? I know I sure was.

Being taxed on VIP Star Cash given as a VIP perk without any advanced indication that this would be considered income and taxable seems unthinkable. Now seems to be the time for a state run casino facility.

The casino just devised a new star reward program and five step program, indicating that your gaming brings your fun higher and higher with five incredible levels with better point systems, instant cash and better comps, but still doesn't mention taxable income. Their claim is that star rewards makes it even easier to reach your next level. They state that star rewards puts money in your pocket, we pay you more for your play, but still neglects to inform their members that it will be taxable income.

I believe its time for a state run casino. How about you? If a state run casino is not in the picture for the near future, there are plenty of other casinos to explore without taxation issues. -- Sandy Anderson, Detroit Lakes