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Smoking editorial only misinformed public

A recent reprinting of an editorial from the Worthington Globe only contributed to misinforming the public and creating more fervor at the behest of a small group of people who have a gripe with another small group of people. Who are our victims this time? The same as the last time and the time before that. The smoking public and simple mathematics proves the lunacy of the claims made in said editorial.

This editorial states: Based on phone interviews conducted with 800 randomly selected Minnesotans, 72 percent surveyed favor an increase in the tax on a pack of cigarettes. Furthermore, 35 percent say a tax hike is fair because it assists with covering the health care costs all Minnesotans pay through higher insurance premiums and taxes. And, another 37 percent say the tax increase is just because it encourages smokers to quit, and helps keep kids from becoming smokers in the first place.

According to 2008 census data, there were 5,220,393 people living in Minnesota. To poll 800 of them, less than two percent, and find any workable data seems a bit trite to me. Furthermore, to proclaim anything 37 percent of those 800 said to be truth is even more idiotic. That's 296 people. If 296 Minnesotans told you to jump off a bridge, would you? Personally, I find the printing of such idiotic material offensive to me as a human capable of doing basic mathematics, not just as a part-time smoker.

Americans, not just Minnesotans, have been fevered with propaganda to take part in an imaginary war on smoking, easily as absurd as the war on terror, the war on your wallet and the war on health care. It's all lies, skewed numbers and propaganda. The war on smoking is not about health, drug abuse, or the children. It is all about money, control, and jurisdiction, and if you haven't figured this out, I won't be surprised if you get a call soon to be part of a "random" poll. I know they're too scared to call me. -- Bob Williams, Detroit Lakes