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Snowmobilers reminded to stay off sidewalks

It’s snowmobile season, and there is plenty of snow this year to make it a successful one.

There are organized races, rallies and rides throughout the area, and there are leisure rides made during private time.

While there hasn’t been much for complaints to the Detroit Lakes Police Department, this is just a friendly reminder of snowmobile etiquette to keep those complaints low.

According to section 803 of the Detroit Lakes city ordinance, the rules for snowmobiles in town are pretty straight forward.

For example, don’t ride on private property without permission. Don’t ride on school grounds, playgrounds or parks grounds. Don’t be loud, disruptive or careless.

Don’t let kids ride alone, don’t operate a snowmobile while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and keep the machine’s lights on.

Keep snowmobiles on the street and not on sidewalks.

“They are supposed to stay on the street,” Sgt. Robert Strand said, “and they can only be on the street to go to their house, to the trail or to the gas station to the trail.

“I see some high schoolers that are riding snowmobiles to school, and that’s fine.”

Mainly, it’s about using etiquette and common sense.

Strand said the main thing is if you don’t want someone else doing it to your property, don’t do it to someone else’s.

“Just be respectful, and if it starts getting abused, we’ll definitely start cracking down on it,” he said of the ordinance.

“So far it’s been good.”

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