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Staff, students busy at LP-A

The students and staff of the LP-A High School are having a busy spring.

1. At the recent sports award banquet, it was announced that an amazing 56 percent of the high school students are involved with at least one sport. The number of students involved with extracurricular activities is even higher when you add music, drama, FCCLA, and a number of other activities.

2. The high school band recently held another innovative, entertaining spring concert, which along with the choir department displays the strength of the performing arts programs in LP-A.

3. The FCCLA chapter once again has a strong contingent heading to Minneapolis for the annual state competition, and it is assured that some of the students will qualify for the national convention in Chicago this summer.

The students and staff of LP-A are to be commended for the dedication, hard work, and achievements that they have obtained! -- Rich Veit, Lake Park