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Submitting a Celebration

Celebration Guidelines
  • DL Newspapers publishes free celebrations in the Wednesday Community section and on our Web site, Deadline for the following Wednesday edition is noon Monday.
  • Due to space constraints, some information may be held for two weeks. Consideration will be given to event dates.
  • A color or black and white photo may be submitted. A color photo, if provided, will be used on but will be printed black and white in the newspaper. Only a current photo will be used.
  • To receive additional copies of the printed newspaper by mail, please make prior arrangements with the front counter staff at (218) 847-3151. There is a small fee for this service.
  • To have a photo returned, include a self-addressed, stamped envelope or indicate that the photo will be picked up. Photos are held for 30 days and are then discarded.
  • Email photos and information to:

Anniversaries Should Include:

  • Milestones must be 25 years and over in 5 year increments
  • Husband's and Wife's First Name
  • Coule's Last Name
  • Wife's Maiden Name
  • Where do they live now?
  • How may years married?
  • Married On?
  • Children & Spouses
  • Grandchildren? Great grandchildren?
  • What city were you married in?
  • Open House Location including city, date, and time
  • Hosted By?
  • Any additional information

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Birthdays Should Include:

  • For those aged 70 and every five years there after. After age 90, an announcement may run each year. 
  • Who is celebrating a birthday?
  • Birth date
  • Gifts? (yes/no)
  • Birthplace
  • Mother and Father (born to whom?)
  • Hometown (where they grew up)
  • Married?
  • Names and hometowns of children
  • Grandchildren/Great Grandchildren?
  • Open House location, date, start and end time

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Engagements Should Include:

  • Future Bride's Name, City, State
  • Future Groom's Name, City, State
  • Bride's Parent's names, city, state
  • Groom's Parent's names, city, state
  • Bride's employer
  • Groom's employer
  • Wedding date, location, city
  • Any additional information

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Births Should Include:

  • Boy/Girl
  • Baby's Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Measurements
  • Hospital Name, City, State
  • Parents names
  • Baby's siblings
  • Any additional information

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Weddings Should Include:

  • Bride's Name, hometown city/state
  • Bride's Employer
  • Bride's parent's name, hometown city/state
  • Groom's name, hometown city/state
  • Groom's Employer
  • Groom's parent's name, hometown city/state
  • Wedding date
  • Where couple plan to live (city/state)
  • Any additional information

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