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Sulfide mining in MN should be investigated

They say a new type of mining in Northern Minnesota could bring several hundred jobs with it, but what must be investigated are the effects that this type of mining has on its environment and its communities.

Sulfide mining has damaged ecosystems across the nation and left the taxpayer to pick up the cost and mess. With exploratory mines being established in the Superior National Forest and Boundary Waters Watershed, I think Minnesotans need to take a deeper look into the ideals and motivations of these powerful mining interests. These powerful mining interests have left their weeping scab on countless cities across the United States. It has left some of the most untouched waterways with nothing but a toxic sludge and the foul smell of decaying creatures.

This type of mining has filled communities with the ideal of prospering wealth with a bright future but is later found to be picking their way out of a hell that was in many cases was for-seeable.

I ask you to please read up on this issue and become involved because you have a voice and a choice on this matter. The EPA has the power to say no to this type of mining, and it is our duty to make sure they uphold to their standards. We can play a role in ensuring the future of our only Boundary Waters Wilderness Area.

And keep in mind a few hundred temporary jobs may sound enticing in a time like this but is it really worth losing one of the last natural gems we have in our own backyard? Please think about all the jobs that are funded from sustaining a natural and untouched ecosystem. -- Samantha Follis, Minneapolis