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Support the Minnesota Clean Car Act legislation

As Ronald Reagan was fond of saying, "the status quo is Latin for the mess we are in now." It's time to clean up this mess. The Minnesota Clean Car Act is an important step that our country and state must take towards rebuilding our economy based on clean, sustainable technologies. As a businessman I want to see us do that. Sole reliance on oil as a transportation fuel is outdated, and a permanent national security risk. Making the switch will take years, but today we can save money and help drive the new energy economy by getting more efficiency from the cars and trucks we're building.

The Minnesota Clean Car Act allows Minnesota residents like you and me to buy the more efficient, flex-fuel, greener vehicles already in production. It allows us to have all the models we have now with one exception -- they will be more efficient, saving us all money at the gas pump.   Kind of makes you wonder why we haven't been doing this all along, doesn't it? After all, 14 states have already adopted these standards.

With the public bailout of car manufacturers, and so much riding on their success, we must put pressure on the auto industry to demand the most competitive, most efficient, most technologically advanced vehicles we can get. The Minnesota Clean Car Act is a good start.  

Last year the Clean Car Act was defeated in the Legislature. This year we'll have another chance. Let's not get caught with our pants down, again! To those willing to reject the status quo: Speak up! Call your Minnesota representative and senator and ask them to support the Minnesota Clean Car Act.