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Support overloaded animal shelters in DL

Where are all the unloved animals coming from? Who is so heartless and cold to drop these wonderful, beautiful, cute animals off somewhere to eventually die in the heat or other elements? The animal shelters, thank God for them, are full of unwanted pets. We have two shelters in Detroit Lakes, Marshmallow Foundation at Lucky Dog and the Humane Society, and they are both overloaded.

I understand times are hard for a lot of folks, however, this does not give anyone the right to dump animals off to survive on their own, which they cannot do because they are used to being taken care of. How cruel. We just found a beautiful little dog abandoned. This was on the weekend so we thought we would see if a shelter could take her on Monday. Well, Sunday morning she gifted us with (seven) little adorable puppies. Now what? The shelters are full, I find out. Right now we are trying to find a way to foster them until they are old enough for a "loving" home.

So please people, find other alternatives. This is your responsibility when you get a pet. Also, remember, there are days in the year this can be done for little or nothing. I could go on and on but you get the point. I think we should all help support these shelters for all the good they do. -- Donna Root, Detroit Lakes