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Swimming requirement was ‘great benefit’ for DLHS

Let’s put the Lake back in the Laker’s.

Your eighteen, graduating from high school with your entire life ahead of you. A question to ponder. “If you have children, would you want them to know how to swim?”

It was a great benefit for my children to have a school system requiring them to take swimming lessons. Residing in the lakes area I believe, with strong conviction, children need swimming lessons for their own safety. The Detroit Lakes District’s position reinforced my belief. With parental supervision and their swimming skills, I always felt safe when going to the lake. My childen are now grown. They had the advantage of a district requiring (level 5) swimming courses. Shouldn’t all children deserve the same advanages offered to my family? Eighteen years to accomplish this life long skill is reasonable. Should this decision be re-evaluated? — Lois Greenig, Detroit Lakes