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Texas has a better property tax system than Minnesota

Why has Minnesota's assessment system survived from the 19th century to date? The most regressive costly taxing system continues to burden Minnesota taxpayers without relief. There are assessor costs at the township, city, county, DOR regional staff and the Dept. of Revenue Property Tax Division at the Capitol. There are boards of review (equalization) at town and county levels. There are appeal costs and district court counsel expenses.

The system becomes even more ridiculous with administering homestead credits and property tax refunds. The outdated assessment system that doesn't allow a taxpayer bill of rights is a direct insult to taxpayers. How can Minnesota legislators continue to condone a system based on assessor opinion and intimidation?

There are better property tax systems. Texas has a property "taxpayer bill of rights" that recognizes property owners with dignity and fairness. Taxpayer appeals without fees and valuation burden of proof on taxing district. All without asessors as in Minnesota. Texas has a better way. -- Les Ristinen, Frazee