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Thanks to all who helped this snowmobile season

With the apparent end of the snowmobile season at hand, the Becker County Parks and Recreation Department would like to take this time to thank all those individuals, organizations, clubs and businesses that assisted in clearing area snowmobile trails following the freezing rain and heavy snows of mid-January.

We would especially like to thank the ULTRA Snowmobile Club, the Woods-n-Wheels ATV Club, Hideaway Resort, Ice Cracking Lodge and Rainbow Resort for your volunteer labor, equipment, meals and overall assistance in quickly reopening over 135 miles of affected trails. Without your support, trails would have remained clogged with down trees far too long, jeopardizing an entire snowmobile season in the Detroit Lakes area. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to area tourism! -- Mark "Chip" Lohmeier, Becker County Parks and Recreation Department