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Thanks to community for Landon Hochstetler support

To our friends in Detroit Lakes and surrounding towns, we (Landon's family) are so grateful for the ways in which you've supported us during this time of tragedy. Our lives have been torn up, and you've been there to help carry us through. We've been very aware of the many ways each of you have surrounded us with your love.

We do not know yet the outcome of this horrific tragedy. But, we are living one day at a time, trying to do what's best for Landon, as well as trying to trust our Heavenly Father for the days ahead. We are tired, we have been away from home for four weeks, but we will continue to stand with Landon and work to get him the best care possible.

It is because of the generous help from so many of you that it is possible for us to be here with him. Our hearts are humbled and amazed at the outpouring of love and support you've given us.

We continue to wait for Landon to wake up. His room is decorated with the many cards and notes of encouragement from all of you. We ask for your continued prayers as we begin to look at what rehab and recovery will involve.

We fully recognize and are so thankful for the skill of Landon's doctors and nurses. However, we also know that the hand of the Great Physician has been upon Landon and we give all glory and praise to Him who is Lord of all healing. -- Les and Gayle Hochstetler and Family