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Thanks to community for 'memorable' police dog trials

I am on the National Executive Board of our organization, the United States Police Canine Association. Last week, our Association held our annual Police Dog Field Trials in your town. I had the pleasure of being the Chief Judge for the Trials. The event was hosted by the Detroit Lakes Police Department and Sergeant Robert Strand of your Police Department was the chairman for this national event. Chief Tim Eggerbraaten supported Sgt. Strand in holding this event.

I have been involved with the USPCA for over 20 years. I was impressed by the assistance that Sergeant Strand received from the community. He had created a committee of local citizens who helped him prepare for the event. Two of the committee members were up and about bright and early every day to ensure that the Trials ran smoothly. I apologize for not remembering their last names but everyone (Judges, Board Members and the Canine Officers and their Canine partners) asked me to thank Dionne (did I spell it correctly?) and Kim. Dionne and Kim always came through to take care of any problems that arose and both always had a smile on their faces, even on rainy and cold Wednesday.

The Association also wanted to thank all of the people that came out to help. Though I do not want to ignore all those who helped, I would like to extend a special thank you to the church members who provided refreshments for the judges at Snappy Park, the volunteers at all of the other testing sites, our pontoon boat pilots, Captain Rocky of the Miss Brenda Dae, the local business owners who opened their restaurants for evening hospitality and also, the welcoming attitude of all of your community wherever we went in town.

Again, I apologize if I missed someone but all of you should be very proud of your community. On behalf of the men and women of the United States Police Canine Association, thank you for making our 41st annual Police Dog Field Trials a very memorable event. -- James J. Matarese, The United States Police Canine Association, Inc.