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Thanks to community for support in tough time

In the past couple weeks, it has become obvious to our family how kind and generous the city of Detroit Lakes is. There has been a never-ending stream of support and sympathy from the residents, businesses, and officials of this city. In these hard times, it is a comfort to know that we live in such an amazing community.

There are a few people that we would like to thank in particular, the first of which would have to be the first responders of the day of the fire in our home. We would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Officer Kuhn and Officer Fulton for their help the day of the fire and for taking the time to check in on our family the days following. Another big thank you must go to the Detroit Lakes Fire Department, who went above and beyond expectations, going to extraordinary efforts to retrieve our dog from the fire and to revive our two beloved cats. It was astonishing to us to find out that the whole Fire Department is composed of volunteers and we are so thankful for the time they put into such a dangerous job. Yet another thank you goes out to the doctors, nurses, and chaplain who were on staff in the St. Mary's Emergency Room for their excellent care and emotional support.

In the days following the fire, there were several local establishments that were very kind and helpful to our family. We must thank the Holiday Inn for their efforts in finding accommodations for the majority of our family over the busy 4th of July weekend. They took our circumstances into consideration and are continuing to do an amazing job of assisting us. We would also like to thank First Lutheran Church and specifically, Pastor Dutton, for the immeasurable kindness, sympathy, and support, without which this time in our life would have been much harder to deal with. Along those same lines, we would like to thank everyone at West Kjos Funeral Home for working with us over the holiday weekend and providing us with guidance and advice.

It is impossible to imagine how different this difficult time would have been in any other place. It's times like these when it becomes truly apparent how wonderful it is to live in a small, close knit community. So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone for their love and friendship for the past years and especially for the past two weeks. -- Robert Quam family, Detroit Lakes