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Thanks to DLCCC Backyard Addition donors

I was/am one of the individuals that was asked to help raise funds for the new Backyard addition. I would like to say thank you to all of the individuals and businesses I contacted. Every one of you said yes! Many of these individuals own businesses in Detroit Lakes and were generous enough to give to this great addition to our community.

Matt Hedstrom (American Family insurance), Steve and Michelle Nordmark (MeritCare), Al and Mona Boehne (Beautiful Leaf Gardens), Tom and Beth McCauley (Dental Associates), Doug and Bruce Paskey (Lakes Sport Shop), Pete and Jayne Thielen (Foltz Buildings), Ladd and Denise Lyngaas (Wells Fargo and Team Lab), Gary and Gini Kleingartner (Team Lab), Gary and Deb Zachariason (Team Lab), Dave West (Team Lab), and John and Renee Kerzman.

There are many, many local businesses that give nonstop to this community, and many of these businesses are the backbone to this great community, so please take the time to stop in and say thank you to these wonderful local businesses for all they do.

So once again, thank you to all of you DLCCC Backyard Addition supporters.

-- Terry Maier, president, Team Laboratory Chemical Corp.