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Thanks to 'Dollars for Dewey' benefit contributers

The Detroit Lake Jaycees like to thank the following people and businesses for their contributions to the "Dollars for Dewey" benefit that was held on Friday, May 8, 2009. 

Sheriff Tim Gordon, Sheriff Doug Krier, Tim Eggebraaten, Vincent and the Van-Goes (John Hutchinson, Corey Bliss, Joe Wambach and Bill Mohn), Michael and Ben Walther, Matthew J. Carrier - Ameriprise Financial, Mitch Wimmer, Dental Associates, Cannon Law Office, Shoemaker and Ziegler Law Firm, Thorwaldsen, Malmstrom and Majors, Stowman Law Office, Timothy Dodd, Barrel of Fun, Greg Hildenbrand, Mitch Berg, Detroit Lakes Women of Today, Becker Pet and Garden, Central Market, Hoffman's Meat Market, City of Detroit Lakes and the Detroit Lakes Firefighters. Thank you. -- Brian McDonald