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Thanks to Rep. Peterson for climate change bill support

Within the past few weeks, the House of Representatives voted for the first time on a bill that addresses climate change. This is a beginning and a compromise amongst a number of individuals from around the country, but it is a crucial step forward in addressing one of the moral issues of our time. As a person of faith, I would like to applaud Congressman Peterson for supporting this legislation. This bill will provide jobs to those in need, protect low-income consumers from rising energy prices and promote local, sustainable and clean energy that will benefit our children and future generations. This bill is truly a testimony to our faithful call to be good stewards of God's creation and protect those who are living in poverty around the world. It is incumbent upon all of us to take actions, use less energy and be better stewards. This bill will help us move in that direction and demands more of us as individuals, communities, and as a country. 

The people of Nicaragua with whom I visited last January have stories to tell about the change in the timing of seasons, the rain falls that are greater and later, the winds, and the storms that have increased in strength. The people of Eastern Nicaragua did not have a word for hurricane, and in the past ten years have had two major hurricane events. As a person of faith, I believe we are called to protect God's great Creation and see justice for those who are struggling and less fortunate. This includes responding to global climate change, which is threatening the lives of millions of people around the world.

Thank you, Congressman Peterson, for helping us take this first faithful step. -- Carolyn Engebretson, Rochert