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Thanks for your budget opinions

On Friday, Feb. 20, the Senate Tax Committee heard from over two dozen citizens at a hearing held in Moorhead. On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank the more than 100 people who braved the inclement weather to attend the meeting. The citizens of Moorhead could not have been better hosts.

The views of those who testified were wide-ranging and heartfelt, and we appreciate all of you taking time out of your day to speak to us. While the committee may not have solved the state budget deficit while we were in Moorhead, we've taken a variety of viewpoints that both enlightened and educated us back to the Capitol. Since the meeting, several committee members have mentioned to me how glad they were to have attended and how thoughtful the testifiers were. Rest assured that your comments will be remembered.

Over the next few months, legislators will have to turn your good ideas into action and somehow balance the state budget. With another gloomy economic forecast expected in about a week, this task will likely become even more difficult. In the end, I suspect that no areas of the budget will be off the table, and a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases will ultimately be the solution. My hope is that we will work together to keep Minnesota the national leader we all are so proud of.

I'd like to pass along one more thank you to Minnesota State University Moorhead President Edna Mora Szymanski and her staff for their assistance in making our hearing not only possible, but also pleasurable.

Please continue to share your ideas about the budget with us.