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Thanks to youth soccer, Faith Christian for donations

After a recent trip to Kenya, Africa, I became aware of a need for soccer shoes to outfit teams playing in a city league in Kitale. Watching these high school aged youth play in a newly formed league, I saw that many of the players were playing barefoot and others were able to secure shoes only by renting them for the game.

After talking to Dave Carter and asking for his help, he promptly got the word out and distributed posters about recycling soccer shoes for Kenya. So far over 25 shoes have been donated and will soon be sent over. The players involved will certainly be encouraged and I can picture their smiles and pride as they take the field with their own shoes!

On their behalf I'd like to thank all who have participated and have left shoes at the Anglo American office. Students at Faith Christian School were also involved as they raised $60 for soccer balls for this team and for orphans at a children's home. -- Karen Stenberg, Detroit Lakes